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Our Story

Formula for Success was born out of our passion for high adrenaline experiences and the need to bring up a new generation of ethically focused leaders. Formula for Success is founded by Mark Ammerman, the former Global Head of Energy at Scotiabank. After 29 years at the Bank, Mark was led to merge his passion for grand prix racing, his business experience, and a rolodex of C-Suite business leaders from around the world who’ve had to walk through the fires on the road to corporate and personal success.

Serving on three University Boards Mark is knowledgeable of the challenges Universities face in bringing high profile leaders face to face with students, our videos are designed to meet that need.

A Lesson In Ethics

Each lesson features a highly experienced leader in their field, highlighting the personal struggles and real-life decisions they have made. Available and with more coming presenters could be an Investment Banking professional, a NASA engineer turned Professional Racer, an NFL star, an Astronaut, Private Equity Leaders, Medical professionals, and an Apache Helicopter Combat Pilot, each video and others to follow will bring a new and engaging lesson, applicable to both the classroom and real life.

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We started Formula for Success to help change our world and to share wisdom garnered through years of both good and bad decisions. Every speaker is dedicating time and their story to pass along what they’ve learned to help grow future generations into leaders, regardless of their degree or passion.

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We love war stories. Every successful business leader has had to make thousands of decisions and in many cases have made poor ones which had to be corrected. Our stories will bring those choices they considered to life and let you walk in their shoes. As everyone has their own story and unique experience we are always looking for more.

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From business leaders, to business students.

Shaping the future generation of leaders, one story at a time.

Formula for Success strives to provide your classroom of future leaders with the knowledge and experience to not only make difficult decisions, but the right decisions or the best decisions when the way forward isn't clear.

We provide the students with a truly memorable life-lesson and the professors with a strong foundation to build their course around.

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Experience is the best teacher

Providing a strong foundation for your curriculum 

Mark Ammerman

Former Head of Energy, ScotiaBank shares his personal experience avoiding a devastating situation during the fall of Enron. Mark describes how he made the right decision to alert his leaders and act on his confidence Enron would fail, resulting in his Bank being spared a billion dollars in losses and in his case, a huge promotion! Even when everyone around you is being bribed, manipulated, and lied to, its necessary sometimes to take a stand.

Wesley Hunt

West Point graduate and Combat Attack helicopter pilot, Wesley takes the experiences and danger he had in battle, discusses the limitations of rules of engagement, and turns them into real-life lessons, applicable for everyday life.

Bobby Eberle

Let defeat motivate you. As a NASA Aerospace engineer, and professional racecar driver, Bobby has experienced more than most. Bobby teaches that failures will teach you more than you could have ever learned from any victory. Ever.

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Bring Customized Programs Into The Classrooms


Any lesson, any school. Formula for Success will bring real life experience into your classroom for a truly customized curriculum and lesson program. Regardless of your lesson plan Formula for Success will revolutionize not only the way your students learn, but the way you teach.

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The Formula 4 Success Mission

Our Goal For The Future

Every leader in every field has experienced making difficult and sometimes life-changing decisions. Our belief is that the "Formula for Success is Great Decisions”! Our culture for centuries has been based on the elders passing down their war stories and experiences to the younger generation. Our mission at F4S is to bring those voices of industry leaders to college students around the world helping the younger to benefit from the wisdom learned by those who have walked through the fires. 

Formula For Success is founded and operated by a board of business leaders with a passion to raise the next generation of business leaders. We will continue to use the newest and most exciting technology to revolutionize the way students learn and professors teach. 

Fact One: Races are won or lost in key moments. Fact two: Success in the sport is, above all else, about enduring suffering.

Chris McCormack, “I'm here to win”

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