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Wesley Hunt

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Wesley Hunt

14 Mins

West Point graduate and Combat Attack helicopter pilot, Wesley takes the experiences and danger he had in battle, discusses the limitations of rules of engagement, and turns them into real-life lessons, applicable for everyday life. 

Student Feedback

“After watching this video, I want to share about my dad.  My dad is a true of example of anything is possible, you just have to work for it. My senior year in high school, we were staying in this nice house but we were not in the best financial position possible. One night the heat had went off during the winter time and me and my brother were in the opposite room freezing our butt off. My dad took his heater and put it in there with me and my brother so we can stay warm and he went back to bed to freezing. That moment right there showed me to always take care of your kids and wife and make sure they are safe and comfortable before you are.”

– Tajhea C.

“Small ethical decisions matter so much to our character because those ethical decisions determine so much about us. If you believe in a certain thing even the smallest thing, it will show so much about you.”

– Kaitlyn G.

“I believe that small ethical decisions make such a large impact on our life because of what is essentially a domino effect.  What might be a small irrelevant decision today, could lead to a still small, but more important decision tomorrow. From there, the small irrelevant decision will grow and evolve. Since most often small irrelevant day to day decisions that we make are almost subconscious and don’t require much logic. I believe that they are a reflection of your character and how you operate as a person as a whole. Personally, while this might not be a popular opinion, I TRY to live my day to day life by reflecting every small decision off of my faith.”

– Branden M.

“I liked the back story he told in the beginning of the video with his father, it really set the tone of where and how he learned to be so morally and ethically correct at all times because by doing right, right will follow.”

– Warren W.

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