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Ethical Leadership Development

The cultivation of ethical leadership is a critical need in business education. While developing ethics content can be difficult in a traditional business school classroom, the challenge is often greater for instructors teaching in online business programs. An online undergraduate or MBA student may graduate with high marks in different content courses, and yet be ill-equipped to make the tough and often complicated ethical decisions that are required for successful leaders.

Student Feedback

“It may be legal, but is it ethical?” I think this was a great quote in the video. It’s something that many, including myself, can easily overlook. Yes, this may be legal, but if the laws were not in place and you had to be judge solely on ethics, would you consider this ethical? That’s a great question to ponder on.”

– Kirk L.

“One of the most important business lesson that I learned from the video was that we can start practicing good ethical habits through our personal lives. We don’t need to wait until we get to our professional lives.”

– Juan O.

“I believe smaller ethic decisions matter because it’s what earns a person respect. An honorable person doesn’t pick and choose when he wants to do right. A person worth leading or knowing is a person that strives to do what’s right every day. I think my faith and my parents are what helps me decide what is ethical or not.”

– Erika T.

“Small ethical decisions matter because what we think, say, and do reflects ourselves.  If I were to make unethical decisions, then people will view me as a man who lacks integrity and values.”

– Sosefo A.

“I really liked the lesson about service. The statement he made about selfless service was very applicable to business. You must always put yourself in a position to be seen as someone who wants to give back to others before themselves.”

– Addison H.

Texas A&M

"Bobby’s video turned into a comment about helping others as a means of life service and this was very interesting he also like to point of how integrity is going to affect my future job choices. F4S’ videos discuss the topic and relate it back to our lives… "


"I had a trip to New York where I was taken to workshops with several investment bankers one of which was a hedge fund manager who spent time in jail. I was very moved by his story and felt weighted down by the need to make right decisions because one decision could lead you down a path that would lead to several others which could put you in jail"



Rice University

This story drove home that there is always someone watching our actions/decision. Pass in the turns and corners; get them to make a mistake. Know your limitations, and know your boundaries. Powerful statements which stood out to me. Honesty in the small things rolls over into the large things. Compromise occurs first in the small things - great story about father being pulled over. 


Arkansas State University College of Business

The Arkansas State University College of Business has consistently offered more online courses over the past decade and is continuously looking for new ways to improve program and course level learning outcomes related to ethics. Inspired by the potential to make sure every online business student can have the same type of leadership development, Arkansas State University partnered with University donors who were launching a new video series focused on business ethics named Formula 4 Success. The videos were created to entertain students in a way that kept them engaged and fostered critical thinking.

Arkansas State University serves a diverse student population, and a large percentage of students are first-generation. In addition, many of their students lack familiarity as to how ethical decisions are made across a variety of industries. Because of this diversity in student body, the college has utilized Formula 4 Success to aid students in their transition from student to professional, and to equip them with the self-knowledge and ethical training that will provide the foundation for long-term career success and business leadership.

–Dr. Shane Hunt

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