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AACSB and Learning Outcomes

All suggested exercises and assignments are tagged in two ways: to AACSB standards and to discipline-specific Learning Outcomes. These two separate tagging systems allow professors to build assessments around desired departmental and course outcomes.  The written assignments and class discussion questions ensurethat your students are mastering the concepts and thinking critically, not just reciting information or guessing the answers. The Formula 4 Success program helps students study effectively and develop professionally on their own by assessing their activity and response to actual business problems they might face in their careers. 

An Open Letter from Dr. Shane Hunt

As a professor, I am constantly looking for ways to engage my students and get them to think critically about the problems they face as future business leaders. I have tested and tried out a variety of educational programs focused on ethics and critical thinking over the years with modest levels of success. I truly could not believe the response and impact the F4S series had on my students from the first semester that I used it. My classes are about evenly split between male and female students, and I have students whose ages span multiple generations and represent numerous countries across the globe, yet the F4S series was able to meet each of them where they were in their educational journey and help them develop their ethical decision making in a profound way.

Formula 4 Success provided a very unique approach to learning using the cars and incredible production by a major film company to initially excite and entertain students in a way that ultimately immersed them in the ethical challenge discussed in the video. From an accreditation standpoint, the F4S video series dramatically helped me get my students to meet the learning objectives of our program. I was so impressed with the videos that I have helped develop discussion questions and assignments for face-to-face and online classes that get students to think, write, and discuss the dimensions of ethical decision making in a more positive way than I have ever seen in my 15 years teaching college students. Rather than simply providing facts from the textbook, I heard students saying how they would respond, why they would respond that way, and the things they can do to develop an ethical culture in their businesses.

As a professor and a father, these are the lessons I want my students and my children to learn and F4S has been the most effective video series I have ever seen in making ethical decision making real to them. Seeing what my students have learned through the F4S program makes me proud that I am meeting critical learning objectives as their professor, and it makes me excited for the positive impact they are going to have as the ethical business leaders of tomorrow.

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